Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hifz Academy: Guardians accusing sickness from spoiled school lunch.

Recently we have reports of students getting sick after eating lunch at Hifz Academy. There were several concerns over the food the school is providing for it's students. Last Monday some kids said they didn't like the way the mac and cheese was smelling especially the meatballs in it, and avoided eating it. Some consumed the food without noticing that and became sick.

The food supply system of the school has been under fire from guardians and workers for some time. Recently, concerns over Hifz Academy food has grown over this incident of students getting sick after eating the lunch. If the standard process of food handling and food safety was followed according to city and county guideline this kind of complaint should never come. Now that there are some sporadic talks about the school's food being below standard; the authority should pay attention to the matter. The sourcing of food ingredients also has different concerns other than being healthy. They are the question of being halal in the Islamic way and hygienic in the food safety standard.

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