Monday, February 7, 2022

What milk you drink?

Most milk we buy from the supermarket is of inferior quality in many different ways. We have seen adulteration of food everywhere on earth. People who are involved in adulteration of food items and food ingredients are actually unknowingly falling victims to their own business. All the prevailing diseases on earth are the result of unhealthy food. Diabetes, cancer, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, lung failure you name it. We hear the saying that says, "you are what you eat." So, all kinds of sickness is directly or indirectly related to food.

We have heard in the past that milkman add water to dilute milk to increase his volume to make more money. That kind of action didn't really change the quality of milk the way it is happening now-a-days.

Dairy farms has been industrialized. So, instead of getting farm quality milk we are getting industrial grade milk. They have set up their industrial standards, which in turn resulted to produce and market inferior quality milk for public consumption. All kinds of animal has their choice of diet by nature. But when dairy farmers were struggling to maximize profit, not until very recent industrialization of farming, they started to feed the cows with unusual diet. Then it started to degrade the milk for human consumption.

Cows sustenance is from plants and grass that they eat. Many pastures are gone with the wind of housing projects. Farmers are relying mostly on processed food for the cows and treating cows with artificial growth hormone. This eventually produces inferior quality milk, butter and cheese.

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