Saturday, February 5, 2022

If you yell at people they will not complain anymore !

Masjid Al Jameya at ISTABA, as we all know, is a big and old place of worship in Tampa Bay area. Many people work here and a lot of money is spent to keep the Masjid running. And the authority as it claims to be, is working for the sake of Allah only without any remuneration; which is very much appreciative. Somebody by mistake, has asked one of the administrators - while he was out supervising the new construction - that the bathroom was not properly clean on a Friday prior to the jumuah prayer. He could be harsh, we don't know. Another high echelon administrator of ISTABA grabbed the microphone, right after the jumuah prayer and blew away the accuser, saying this kind of intervention was not right as the administrators are not getting paid. And perhaps the accuser might have never cleaned the bathroom of the masjid before, so he doesn't have the right to say something. And the authority as per Friday's outburst, wants people to go to the office and file an accusation if needed.
But we don't know of any concrete policy of the authority how they are going to handle the complaints. One thing I understand is that the accuser might have been wrong the way he approached a person of higher echelon at ISTABA. But the complaint could be valid. On the other hand complaint about bathroom is a common issue. Also we have to keep in mind that this is an old masjid. The bathrooms might be in need of renovation. Whatever the cause is, it is common in the community of Indian sub-continent that they care less about bathrooms. Actually, bathroom is your profile statement. For the Muslims it's even more obvious that our worship starts with cleanliness. Muslims get rewards simply for staying clean in the state of wudu.
The authority always brag about spending huge amounts of money to keep the masjid running, but there is no concrete picture of that in an annual report or in any kind of audit. A portion of the money that they say are being spent in a month can replace such a shabby bathroom with a clean shiny one. I would urge the authority to declare a concrete online complaint system so that people can state their arguments and complaints and see what kind of resolution comes from the authority. Another concern is please don't yell at anybody who yelled at you. That person may be a commonplace but you are the authority.

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