Saturday, January 8, 2022

Why can't I talk about HIFZ ACADEMY !

HIFZ ACADEMY, a specialty private elementary, middle and high school dedicated to the memorization of The Holly Quran has a different point of view while parents' opinion comes into consideration. They have declared that any parent or guardian of the students of HIFZ ACADEMY cannot openly criticize the activities of the school or it's authority- about any mismanagement, educational flaws or other concerns of guardian interest.

In this regard they have a page in their school pamphlet threatening guardians or parents about disciplinary action be taken against the students whose parent do any such criticism of the school's quality of education, environment of education, moral and religious integrity of the teachers, administrators, coach, principal or the governing body of the school.

I am opening this discussion to all concerned parties and the authority of the HIFZ ACADEMY to write their comments and concerns in the comment section of this post. Also I am opening this discussion to all and any member of the community who is sending their precious children for education to the HIFZ ACADEMY or any such private schools in Tampa Bay area. Anybody is open to write in this blog his or her concerns or any suggestions on the title of this article.

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