Monday, January 10, 2022

New construction of ISTABA Masjid

Behold the new construction preparation for the expansion of the Masjid at ISTABA. Before such work we didn't see any construction board or any signage depicting the current plan. 

If we look back the previous important construction done at ISTABA was the Hifz Academy part of which is being used as office and party center. Look at the buildings design and construction. This kind of construction need foresight and farsight in it. The school is not a temporary business. The whole community is related to the school and the Masjid. The construction was also not makeshift construction. It is a permanent construction. So why is the school look like a party center in the likeness of the tomb of the Tajmahal or Ajmer in India.

A school, especially an Islamic school must have it's plan. We don't see an Islamic school everywhere in US. Did anyone ask for the best architectural design to call for the school. A pre-K to 12th grade school has to have a lot of accommodations. It will have library, science laboratory, activity clubs, teachers' lounge, office, gymnasium, classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria, meeting hall etc. This was suppose to be a complex building built to plan - at least a 100 year plan.

Now there is this Masjid expansion construction which was not done with a plan. A civil engineer can draw a plan but since a civil engineer is not an architect, his plan is not going to be an educated plan. A plan by civil engineer has never been a real construction plan. If you look at the construction now you'll clearly see how unplanned it is. They are running the sewerage line under the new construction. These sewerage pipes are going to be inaccessible once the construction is over. This is the current scenario. We are actually undergoing a Masjid construction without proper plan.

As for the school, they have got a few mobile units put together as if it is a school in the jungle of Africa - one room here, one room there! Because the main school building was built unplanned, now they are seeking school accommodation sporadically and in a more chaotic manner. So, the fund the ISTABA authority is using in this purpose, they think it's their money but which is not. It is public money for which they are not ready to be held accountable. What a shame !

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